Fake T46 monkey stamp

PR China T46 monkey stamp is a valuable stamp for collectors. I've got a fake one last year. So I decide to create this guide so you know how the difference between them.

This is the fake one below.

fake T46 monkey stamp

This is the genuine one.

genuine T46 monkey stamp

It's really difficult to tell the difference.

But when you check it in a different angle, you can tell the difference. Look at the hair of the monkey. The technology the genuine monkey stamp is engraving. You can see that very clear on the genuine one. One more thing is the paper on the fake one. The vertical waves on paper of the fake on can be only see in certian angle. But you will never see this on the genuine ones.

Fake monkey in different angle.

fake T46 monkey stamp

It cost me $30 to return the fake stamp to seller and get my money back. Hope this guide helpful to you and happy collecting stamps!